Our Mission

The Common Good mission is simple. We are a nonpartisan reform coalition that offers Americans a new way to look at law and government.

We propose practical, bold ideas to restore common sense to all three branches of government––legislative, executive and judicial––based on the principles of individual freedom, responsibility and accountability.

Common Good’s philosophy is based on a simple but powerful idea: People, not rules, make things happen. This idea is fundamental to how we write laws and regulations, structure government agencies and resolve legal disputes. It affects all our lives, every day.

Our mission is to overhaul governmental and legal systems to allow people to make sensible choices. We believe Americans need to be liberated to do their best.

Common Good offers new ways to simplify government that will cut budget deficits and create more jobs in our economy. Polls show that huge, bipartisan majorities of America’s voters support these initiatives.

To advance our mission, Common Good provides thought leadership, issue research, advocacy support and policy implementation.

Common Good was founded in 2002 by Philip K. Howard. Our Advisory Board includes leaders from many areas of society, including former government officials Senators Bill Bradley and Alan Simpson, and Governors Richard Thornburgh and Tom Kean. We work from New York and Washington, D.C.

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